Zineb Rachid is a 27 years old, born in Mohammedia and living with her parents in Casablanca. She is a full time, passionate content creator and currently working on an exciting project of series about women empowerpment. Her hobbies are writing, capturing emotions, discovering unique places in Casablanca, chasing adventures and learning about the Japanese culture. One thing you probably wouldn’t know about Zineb is the fact that she has two stuffed bunnies in her car she named yuki and jimmy. Her dream is to launch her own clothing brand! In this article Zineb will tell you all about her favorite Top 6 spots to chill & recharge in Casablanca!

”Casablanca can be such a stressful city for everyone, locals and tourists alike. From the stand-still traffic, the noise and air pollution, the crowded streets and endless hours spent seeking a place where to park, it comes as no surprise that people regularly get irritated here. I live in Casablanca and I know that no one is immune to the day-to-day stress which is why it’s very important and vital to know how you could manage and relate to it, in a way it could also increase your love to the city. Love can give you a much needed sense of control when everything seems chaotic, and the best way to love a city is to find beautiful safe places where you can detox and recharge inside. I know it’s always a luxury to find a hidden oasis among the hustle and bustle of our city, and this is exactly why I’m writing this article for you.”

1. Maison d’Asa

I believe you saw it coming anyways: a hammam spa is the best way to unwind and relax! the whole « me time » experience helps you become more conscious of your body, feeling clean from the inside out. Speaking from my personal experience I can tell you that Maison d’Asa’s Berber hammam is the best  and most authentic one I’ve tried so far in Casablanca.

2. Mahkama du Pacha

I remember the first time I came here to shoot in 2012, I was looking for a traditional place with tiles and musharabi,  and I was hooked when I found about it! Didn’t imagine there could be such a magical place like this in Casablanca. When you go inside you feel like traveling in time especially because it’s not an open space where everyone can visit whenever they want, it’s actually a municipal administrative building, people need to ask for permission if they want to visit for few minutes and tourists can only get inside with a local guide.

3. Phare de Casablanca

This place is incredible, and again it’s not open for everyone, you need to ask the guardian for permission which is pretty good in my opinion because it makes it so exclusive. It’s the kind of place where it feels like the rest of the world is still fast asleep and you are the only one who’s awake, everything feels like it isn’t really real and you kinda forget about all your problems and insecurities because for now it’s just you and the world. I personally like to go there at sunset moment to enjoy the pretty colors of the sky falling over Casablanca.

4. Pétales & Cie

This is actually a plant nursery, but also a coffee shop and people don’t know about it! If you like to read a book or work in coffee shops but don’t like when it’s all crowded , this place is heaven! The greenery around, the library on the background and the very calm environment around makes you feel home away from home.

5. Boulevard Mohammed 5

Ok, putting this place here seems crazy, I Know it’s so chaotic, but I still want you to come here and see other things than just the Chao because there is always beauty around if we look for it. The architecture here is absolutely incredible, and just like mahkama du pacha, it makes you feel in another age literally. Also if you love taking pictures and sharing on your Instagram let me tell you that this part of the city  has the most Insta-worthy backgrounds you just have to pay more attention. this itself is a kind of therapy and will definitely increase your curiosity and love to the city.


6. Azhul rituals studio

Just tried the experience yesterday and had to edit the article right away! Seriously never had such a unique and blissful facial experience ever before, it’s pure magic ✨ from the moment you step in the studio, there is this deep sense of home and peace you feel from within and it’s like a relief already. I personally tried a ritual called “premiere lune azhul” I really recommend it because every step and every ingredient is personalized which makes you feel unique and special. Just to give you an example, she knew how much i love matcha and flowers so she made a unique mask with these ingredients according to my own skin type and my own needs… oh and forgot to say she is using only organic products she is making herself as it’s also a skin care brand .


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If you ask me what’s my best facial experience, I would say Azhul Rituals !

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