It’s almost New Year’s Eve! What place better to celebrate than in Marrakech? Just like every year, I have selected a top 5 of my favorite hotspots in Marrakech specially for you.

1. New Year’s Eve and Brunch at Palais Aziza

Looking for a quiet night out, have a good night sleep and start the New Year completely relaxed? Have dinner at Palais Aziza and celebrate it with a New Year’s Eve (vegetarian) brunch the next day. You can also book your stay here of course. Extra information: pre-fixed menu from MAD 2300 / Kids: up to 4-11 years 75% off and from 12-17 50% off. Click here.

2. Live music & countdown at Azar

Restaurant Azar is basically Comptoir Darna’s little sister. If you’re looking for a fancy spot to celebrate New Year’s Eve with your family, then I really recommend you Azar Marrakech. There will be oriental live music, a belly dancers show, DDJ-mid night countdown with confettis! The perfect spot for a beautiful closure of 2019. Extra information: pre-fixed menu from MAD 1900 per person. Click here for more information and to book yourself a table!

3. Oriental New Year’s Eve at Comptoir Darna

I’ve been here so many times (basically everytime I’m in Marrakech) and I just love the great vibes! If you love to party, dance, have fun and also enjoy a great dinner & drinks before – this is definitely the place to be to celebrate the New Year in Marrakech! What makes Comptoir Darna extra cool, is that they have live entertainment and musical dance performances EVERY night. The New Year’s Eve program includes : Traditional musicians, oriental dancers, music by DJ K’Lid and other performers. Also, as a restaurant guest you’ll have free access to the club. Comptoir Darna gives you a night to remember! Extra information: Set menu from MAD 2400 per person. Doors opens at 08:00 pm. Making it a family night? Kids must be over 14 years old. Click here for more information and to book yourself a table!

3. New Year’s Dinner at LingLing

To celebrate the New Year, Ling Ling offers a unique evening imprinted with Cantonese culture. Grab your fortune shot and join us for a night of endless gluttony and pleasure.  Extra infomation: From MAD 2880 per person. Click here for more information and book yourself a table!

4. Selman Goes Wild

For this New Year’s celebration, Hotel Selman is going wild! A night here will take you to a majestic forest, in a sophisticated and refined setting, mixing poetry, culinary discovery and funky contemporary music with a live music band featuring the most popular international lyrics. Extra information: Doors open at 07:00 pm. From MAD 3900 per person.

5. Tributes to the Legends

After dinner, have drinks at Epicurien while listening to the best covers of your idols such as Whitney Houston, Lauryn Hill, Lenny Kravitz and many others… A live band and other surprises are waiting for you on this catchy and festive night! Extra information: You can also have dinner here, doors open at 08:00 pm, from MAD 1350 per person.


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