In between shopping by, of course, you should also take a day of rest and relaxation. The beautiful hammam at Hotel La Sultana was the ultimate place to experience this!

La Sultana Hotels is located about 5 minutes from the center by cab. It is a beautifully hidden place and therefore it does not give you the feeling of a typical hotel, but rather a traditional, luxurious and beautiful riad in the middle of the heart of Marrakesh. We were welcomed with – of course – a delicious cup of Moroccan mint tea … my day could not go wrong from there! After our tea we were picked up and got ready for our hammam treatment. We had to put on some – what first feels like an awkward – sumo-wrestlers-panties, but hey, what has to be done has to be done. After this we were picked up by a very sweet lady and our Royal Hammam Treatment was ready to start!


It all started in the hammam. After being smeared in with Sabon Beldi, we took the time to relax, enjoy the heat and to open all our pores. We stayed there for about half an hour. Then the Sabon Beldi was rinsed with several buckets of lukewarm water; a delicious coolness. We put on our bathrobe and went to the next room.

In this room we had to lay down on a stone bench where we were being scrubbed with a typical Moroccan (hard and rough) scrub glove. All the dead and old skin cells come off. It can sometimes be a little bit painfull, but the end results are more than worth it: a super soft and smooth skin! Tip: do this before the sun, otherwise you could lose your beautiful tan.

After the treatment we sat by the pool and enjoyed a delicious healthy fruit juice. Relaxed a bit and again we were picked up to what I have been looking forward to since arriving in Marrakech, a 50-minute oil massage!!! Halfway the massage I almost fell asleep, it was so nice.

If you want to relax for a day and enjoy a traditional hammam treatment, then I definitely recommend you La Sultana!

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