Make the real Moroccan Mint tea at home! With this recipe you’ll taste the best Moroccan Mint tea..

I’m probably the biggest atay addict you’ll ever meet – and obviously you can tell by my posts. It’s really my favorite drink for each time of the day. In the morning it gives you an energy boost and in the evening right before going to bed it gives you a relaxed feeling. So, I thought, why not give you the recipe so you can easily make it at home?

All you need is…
A ‘berrad’ (Moroccan tea pot)
Mint leaves
Chinese green gunpowder

Depending on the size of your tea pot and if you like your tea to be sweet…
Small: 6 sugar cubes
Medium: 8 sugar cubes
Large: 13 sugar cubes

Step 1:
Bring a liter of water to a full boil.

Step 2:
Add the gunpowder to the tea pot and pour a bit of boiling water over the gunpowder. Allow the (gunpowder) leaves to soak briefly, then swirl the pot to rinse the leaves and discard the water.

Step 3:
Wash the mint leaves and add the leaves + sugar. Then fill the pot with 1/2 liter (about 2 cups) boiling water. Leave the tea to steep for five minutes or longer.

Step 4:
Gently stir the tea. Pour one cup in a Moroccan tea glass and pour it back into the teapot for the perfect taste.

You can optionally add some mint leaves to everyone’s glass to obtain a stronger fresh mint aroma and to decorate your tea cups. PS: Do adjust sugar to your personal taste. The recipe reflects the fact that most Moroccans like their tea exceptionally sweet :).

Be-sa-ha! (cheers!)


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