Besides Moroccan mint tea, you can also make me happy with a plate full of sushi. Of course, ten different kinds and a big bowl of soy sauce and wasabi to make it complete.

And that’s exactly what I got at Yawatcha restaurant in Casablanca. Yawatcha is a Thai and Japanese restaurant; so it’s not only for the sushi lovers among us, but also for those who like to try out many different and unique Thai and Japanese dishes!

Yawatcha’s menu is varied and therefore there is a lot of choice! When you see so many yum dishes, it is difficult to make choices! Fortunately, every choice here is a good choice;) We started the evening with some delicious snacks; chicken and shrimp spring rolls, grilled shrimp, stuffed ravioli and a salad.

Our bellies were already half filled, but there’s always space for sushi! What I love about at Yawatcha is that they think of the most distinctive sushi combinations. My favorite is the ‘Casablanca Roll’, a sushi stuffed with crab, shrimp, scallops, cucumber, mango and tobiko (flying fish roe). In addition, the ‘Crunchy’ roll is my favorite of all time, and I need to try this out everytime I’m in a sushi restaurant. This sushi is filled with fried shrimp and eel sauce. Super crunchy!

At Yawatcha you do not leave without a full stomach! The restaurant is located in a pleasant and cosy street in Casablanca and is easily accessible. Like Yawatcha on Facebook or follow them on Instagram.

35 Avenue Hassan Souktani
Casablanca, Marokko

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