Ever dreamed of staying in the stone desert of Marrakech, with no Wi-Fi, but many other amazing facilities that keep you busy? I found the spot!

Only 45 minutes from Marrakech lies the beautiful ecolodge Terre des Etoiles – an oasis in the Agafay desert. With their chic and comfortable tents with an ultimate dreamy view over the Atlas Mountains, I could easily stay here a week! Arriving at Terre des Etoiles gave me an immediate feeling of peace and serenity. We were welcomed with a sweet cup of mint tea and seated in one of their lounge spots next to their pool. Yes they have a pool, not one, but two! In the middle of the desert! One of the main reasons I needed to visit this magical place. You really get to know the desert in a unique way.

After warming up (it was a bit breezy that day) we walked around and ended up at their little farm. Donkeys, horses, camels, goats and chicken – it was one of the cutest farms I have ever seen.  I also got to meet the cutest baby goat Camillia! Next to the farm lies a 5 hectare authentic organic vegetable garden – according to the precepts of permaculture. After exploring a bit of the place, we went for a camel around and explored more of the agafay desert. Since it was a bit breezy that day, after the ride we quickly went for a table in the sun to enjoy our colorful lunch. Of course, our lunch was almost completely made from the most delicious vegetables from their garden. Salads, tajine, desert…. you could taste the freshness! Definitely recommend to visit this place and you can not leave without having tasted at least one of their yummy, healthy dishes.

One of my favorite places in the Agafay Desert. And to be clear: it’s not just a place to experience and discover, but also a place to stand still and think of the environment. As Terre des Etoiles is an ecolodge, it also means they find it important that your adventure is marked by durability. Also why their entire team is working to meet the prerogatives of responsible management, particularly in terms of waste treatment and water use.

Will you book your stay, lunch or camel ride here soon? Visit their website & find out more about Terre Des Etoiles!

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