Last February I enjoyed an amazing spa expierence at La Sultana in Marrakech. This month I visited the hotel again, but not in Marrakech and not for a massage…

Wow, wow, wow! Three words I have for the best seafood lunch I have ever had. If you’re looking for a beautiful stay and delicious seafood: hotel La Sultana in Oualidia is the place to be. The 5-star hotel La Sultana is located in Oualidia, a small village on the Atlantic coast, the perfect place to unwind. Our lunch took place in the outdoor dining area, with a view over the magical lagoon and beautiful landscape.

For lunch, of course we decided to enjoy some of the hotel’s seafood specialties. A delicious seafood salad, fried shrimps and calamari, and last but most definitely not least: an astonishing seafood tray with fresh lobsters, crayfish, chargrilled spider crabs, clams, razor clams, oysters and more! For dessert, I decided to go for a fresh and creamy lemon dessert. The perfect lunch in Oualidia!

Discover more of hotel La Sultana in Oualidia here.




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