In this café you won’t only taste the cuisine. but also a bit of culture! Live music, storytelling, dance and much more. Read all about Cafe Clock in my new blog post.

When I go out to have dinner, I find it very important that the place has good and relaxing vibes! In this musical and cultural café, that was certainly the case. When entering the café, you immeditately come across this beautiful wall which is painted by hand and decorated with graffiti, how cool?

We were lucky: on the day we went, there was a live jam on the program! Musical, creative and talented young people come together and sing different (famous) songs and create their own beat. The music is made with a guitar and a ‘darbouka’. While enjoying a delicious healthy smoothie and overlooking the beautiful M’dina Marrakech – of course with sunset – this was the perfect evening.

I’m really crazy about burgers…. So of course, here as well, I chose their famous ‘Clock Camel Burger‘. And yes, the burger is made of camel meat. For me it was the first time I ate camel meat… try before you die, right ?! After the burger, it was time for dessert. I picked out a bowl of Ice cream with chebakia and walnuts. I love anything with a Moroccan touch, so for me, this was the perfect dessert!

If you’re in the neighborhood, a visit to Café Clock is definitely recommended! Don’t forget to try out the Camel Burget Follow Café Clock on Instagram and Facebook or visit the website.

Café Clock            
224 Derb Chtouka, Marrakesh, Morocco

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