I’ve always wanted to visit the signature Royal Mansour Spa – so you can imagine how super happy I was when we finally planned in a spa day together with Kaftan Queen.

At our arrival at the gorgeous Royal Mansour Spa we were welcomed with drinks. We had the choice between a relaxing drink and an energy boost drink. I haven’t had that much sleep the night before, so of course I chose the last one! After we finished our drinks we were taken to the treatment room and again welcomed by the friendly beauticians. The moment I walked in the room I felt all zen.

After I changed and got myself in a bathrobe, I layed down on the bed and the 90-minutes facial treatment started! I loved how she told me exactly what she was going to do – so I knew exactly what I could expect. Everytime she put something new on my face she’d let me smell it first. This really helped to relax even more. I can’t tell you what she did exactly, because after 10 minutes I fell asleep. Like really asleep. I even’t dreamt and woke up two times haha. It was that good! After the treatment I felt soooo relaxed, sleepy but at the same time so energetic!

I changed my clothes again and went downstairs to get ready for my hair treatment. My hair was washed and massaged – almost fell asleep again – and then perfectly blow-dried. I loved my hair! It looked so different from before. Healthier, fuller, longer and shinier!

I felt like I was reborn and ready for our little photo/videoshoot with Voir Fotografie wearing a beautiful kaftan by friend and designer Kaftan Queen. She has the prettiest kaftans and this one is really my favorite (until now!). More photos will be published on my Instagram account..

My experience at Royal Mansour was incredibly relaxing and amazing. I am sure I will be back again and have nothing planned after, just lots of sleep! ;))

Royal Mansour


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