Somewhere in Marrakech there is a beautiful, unique place called Dar el Sadaka – a place where magic happens and where at times I felt like a happy kid again…

Besides the fact that Dar el Sadaka is a place of its own, surrounded by palm trees, olive trees, organic fruit gardens and colorful flowers, it is a place where on every corner you will be amazed by artist Jean-François Fourtou’s fantastic artwork. In this article you will find out more about my lunch at the garden of the Giant’s House.

Yes, it is really a Giant’s House! The moment I walked in I felt like a little kid again. Everything in this house is designed for a giant – a giant bed, chair, lamp, notebook and even the clothes hanging in the giant closet were created in a giant-size! As I walked in the room, old French 50s music started to play from a classic turn table. It felt like I ended up in an old French, mysterious, magical movie…

After exploring the house, we went to the garden to have lunch. While the music continued to play in the background, the table was amazingly decorated with big and small yellow sun flowers and the sun was shining bright. This time, we didn’t choose something from the menu – but we let ourselves get surpised by Dar el Sadaka’s talented chef Madame Hasna. And we sure were surprised with heavenly tasting dishes!

For starters we got a big leek with old-fashoned vinaigrette and eggs mimosa. An absolutely tasy first dish that made me crave for the main! For the main dish I enjoyed a king size (yes, king size) tuna brochette with giant (yes, giant!) fried potatoes. The tuna was perfectly seasoned and instead of an iron stick, they were attached to a rosemary branch – which gave them that extra yummy taste. The fries were soft inside and crunchy from the outside.

After starters and main, you’re probably curious about the dessert… well yes, it was just as good (maybe even better)!! A giant spicy tarte tatin with almond icecream. I was never really into ‘warm’ fruit, but this was soooo good, I couldn’t resist. The sweetness of the tatin combined with refreshening icecream ballet was the perfect ending of an amazing lunch.

Interested in visiting this special property and having lunch at Jean-François Fourtou’s Giant’s House? The nex date Dar el Sadaka opens its doors is 25 September and you can sign up here: For more info, check out Dar el Sadaka’s website, follow them on Instagram and on Facebook for the latest updates.

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