The Magical Garden of Marrakech

There are so many beautiful gardens in Marrakech, and one of them is this one!  A magical place of surprising beauty that you wouldn’t expect in the loud and crowded area of greater Marrakech. It’s not only a garden: it’s an impressive botanical staging. The garden has 250+ types of plants, from bamboo over palms and cacti, interact with pieces of art by Pablo Picasso, Keith Haring, undiscovered local talents and many more. Furthermore, two museum rooms present artists from around the world. After a walk in the garden, you can enjoy lunch at café’s rooftop with a beautiful view over the Atlas Mountains.

PRICES VISIT + LUNCH (entry + 3 course excl. drinks)

  • Adults: €55 per person
  • Kids 0-11 years: €45 per person

opening hours:09.00h-18.00h


Aid El Fitr (May 24th – tbc) 

Aid El Kebir (July 31st to August 2nd)