Ines Camilia Tazi is a French-Moroccan girl born in France and raised in Casablanca. Five years ago she decided to move to London to study Political Economy. She graduated last year and now started her own business (which is still a secret!) while residing in London. When asking her about her passion in life it’s boxing, politics and Japanese whiskey. In this article beautiful Ines tells you all about her five favorite spots to have lunch or dinner whenever she is in Marrakech and Casablanca!

1. Nomad

Nomad Restaurant Marrakech serves delicious modern, revisited  Moroccan dishes, Uniquely located in a rooftop in the middle of the Medina, the best time to be there to me is during the sunset. I love to share plenty of dishes in the middle, tapas style, the Lamb Burger is a must for me!  This is the best consensus between a modern concept whilst still enjoying the beauty Marrakech has to offer.

2. La Grande Table Marocaine du Royal Mansour

This is definitely more pricey than the average restaurant. It does sound counter-intuitive as a Moroccan to pay a lot of money to eat home food. But this is different, it is a beautiful tribute to the ancestral culture of Moroccan cuisine. The settings, service, and attention to details starting by rinsing your hand in orange blossom water. It is a magic insightful experience into the Moroccan traditions. That I 100% recommend. However if you are Moroccan avoid telling your grandmother that you paid that much to get a chicken Tajine…

3. Iloli

This is simply one of the best Japanese restaurants I have ever done and Japanese cuisine might be one of my favorites – with Moroccan and Peruvian -. The Japanese standard is not only noticeable in the execution of the renowned chef Masta but also in the quality of the service and the minimalism of its decoration. The experience is particularly refreshing as Japanese minimalism contrast with the so often ostentatious night out spots of Casablanca.

4. Organic Kitchen

A fresh, healthier easy option for lunch in Casablanca. This friendly place is my go-to for lunch or as a workplace. The menu is very diverse and makes everyone happy. Whether it is for a snack, dessert, juice or family meal I am never disappointed ( Nasi Goreng and Salmon are to die for !)

5. Bistronome

I have been going to the Bistronome since I am 6 years old and I am always coming for the same dish, Hachi Parmentier (and the clams to start with). Also they have a more interesting and affordable wine menu which is less common in Casablanca and Marrakech! Their seasonal menu, French/bistro inspired as well as their cozy ambiance ensure me a relaxing intimate dinner with friends or family each time.


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