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Comptoir Darna

Another restaurant high on my list when in Marrakech! Comptoir Darna is one of a kind and always manages to make my evening out a bit more magical. Besides the amazing menu that offers traditional Moroccan and “World Cuisine” dishes, the ambiance is incredible! At arrival you are welcomed by a traditional orchestra band, quietly installed upon the majestic of Comptoir Darna, covering all the great classical music and also the Andalusian Arab music.

At 22h the real party starts. Belly dancers show up and will entertain you for sure. Discover the choreographed ballet by 12 professional oriental dancers of Comptoir Darna. In the mood for a party? From Sunday to Wednesday between 23-23.45h, traditional Moroccan gnawa performers and their live oriental band offer a spectacular show on the first floor. And for the real party people: every Friday and Saturday night after midnight, Comptoir Darna Club offers a surprising and exceptional show, choreographed by the mythical Nuits Blanches of the nightclub the TheatrO.


  • Starters are from 90 Dirhams (approx. €9) per person
  • Main dishes are from 165 Dirhams (approx. €16) per person
  • Desserts are from 85 Dirhams (approx. €8) per person

opening hours: 19.30h-03.00H