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Sunset Camel ride & Dinner

When in Marrakech, a camel ride is a must-do! Besides the fact that is a very relaxing and fun activity, it gives you an even better feeling when you’re sure the camels you ride are taken care of. In collaboration with one of my favorite luxury camps in the stone desert of Marrakech, I created a ‘Camel Ride & Dinner’ package for you. End your day with an amazing camel ride at sunset in the stone desert of Marrakech. After a 60 minute camel ride you will be dropped off at the luxury camp for a magical dinner under the stars.

You can also have a camel ride during the day and have delicious lunch afterwards, click here to book a camel & lunch combo!


  • 60 min. Camel Ride & Dinner combo: €85 / person



  • Farandoles of briouates with vegetables and cheeses

Main dish (pick one)

  • Beef Tagine with plums and almonds served with a vegetable tagine from the bio-garden
  • Fish Tagine with lemon and vegetables
  • Vegetarian Tagine


  • Chocolate pie and crunchy hazelnuts
  • Tea or coffee with Moroccan Pastries

Your booking is excl. additional drinks.


Camel ride must take place before sunset

 Time of sunset depends on the season